Build Structure, Fill with heart, add fellowship and service

The message of my upcoming book on devotions outlines a process for building a rich relationship with God.

It starts with structure.  This is the daily time set aside and reserved to meet with God.  There are practical tips here on how to build this structure to fit your personality, your schedule and your unique life stage and circumstances.

The structure is not the end in itself.  The structure is merely a tool to build relationship.  Your heart, the very center of your existence, is poured into this structure to develop a one-on-one intense friendship with the Lord of heaven and earth.

The Christian life is not meant to be lived in isolation.     Our personal relationship with God expands into the lives of others, creating rich tapestries of connection with others that enrich our lives.

Finally, the love we receive from God directly and through others, overflows out of our lives into acts of kindness and service.  We love as we have been loved.  This tangible communication of Gods love to others, flowing from our lives, encourages others to know God so they too can be a source of living water to others.

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