Read through the Bible in a Year

For many, reading through the Bible in a year is a life changing investment.  Fifteen minutes a day invested in this has the potential to significantly impact the trajectory of your life.

If you are ready to start this investment, first consider the form of the media you will use for your Bible program .

If you are tied to your smart phone, perhaps a smartphone app will help you start and maintain this habit.  For example, the Bible in One Year app by Alpha International has helped many establish this pattern in your life.

If you prefer reading, you can get a “One Year Bible” that organizes the Bible into 365 daily readings for a year.  The “One Year Bible” is also available online at

Alternatively, you can use a One Year Bible Reading program downloadable from the internet or available at most Christian bookstores.

If you are truly not a reader, perhaps audio might work better for you.  There are excellent audio Bibles available, many for free.  These can even be downloaded for listening on the go, such as during a commute to or from work.

Once you have settled on media to be used, settle on a time and place.  Ask yourself questions such as “What would best fit my schedule?”  “Where and when would I be most motivated to read?”  “Where and when am I least subject to distractions?”

First thing in the morning is best for some.  Last thing at night is better for others.  During a commute using public transportation make work for some.  A break a lunch time may work for others.

Then begin.  Put a high priority on getting a daily plan established.  Monitor how you are doing.  If you come across an unforeseen obstacle to establishing a pattern of daily Bible reading, do not be hesitate to change.  Try a different time, place or even form of media.  Do what is necessary to establish and maintain a daily pattern.  You will experience life change as a result of a daily intake of God’s Word.

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