How Creation leads us to worship

God communicates to us through His creation.  When we consider God’s handiwork we are confronted with characteristics of God such as His creativity, His power, His glory and His wisdom. He is clearly far beyond anything we can image.

Psalm 19 in poetic language tells us how the creation instructs us about God:  “day to day pours forth speech and night to night reveals knowledge.”

Christians should never fear the study of God’s creation.   It is designed to produce wonder.  The deeper our knowledge becomes, the more we realize we are only scratching the surface of the depths of God’s creativity.

In is unfortunate that the scientific establishment, at least in the United States, has adapted the perspective of natural materialistic philosophy that tries attempts to describe everything as the result of non-personal and purposeless interactions.  The explanations given are best speculations that often seem non-sensical when compared to a relative cogent and complete explanation based on belief in a preexistent all powerful creator God.

Consider, for example, whether theism or materialism offers a better explanation for the following questions:

Why is there something, rather than nothing,

Why is there such a gulf between non-life and life?

How do you get life from non-life

Where does consciousness come from?

Where does freedom of  living things to make choices come from?

What are morals and where do they come from>

The study of the natural world is more coherent when it is recognized that the natural world is the result of an eternally preexistent creator.  Life, consciousness and freedom of choice result from the fusion of spirit and a physical body.  Morals are indications of the value system of God reflected by beings created in God’s image.

There is a place for Christians to use results of study of the creation as an apologetic to those who deny the existence of God.   However, there is also a place to reflect on the creation as an act of worship.  In considering God’s handiwork and honoring Him for it, we receive communication from Him that He gives to believers and unbelievers alike.  Theologians call this the General Revelation.  It is meant to bring all to a place of worship of the Maker and Sustainer of all things.



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