By the work, one knows the workman

As a teenager, after my second year in high school, I took a backpack trip with two other  friends for three weeks in the John Muir Wilderness of the Sierra Nevadas.

This was meant to be a life changing adventure for us, as we were on our own and carrying on our back everything we needed for our time away from civilization.

While the trip was a rite of passage event in my life, something even more significant occurred during that time away.  One night, laying in my sleeping bag in the open next to a lake high above the tree line, I was gazing at the stellar display.  The moon illumined the landscape around me.

As I was considering the heavens above and the earth  around, I had an epiphany.  All that I saw was not some purposeless organization of matter, as I had been taught in school and by the media.  There was something behind all this.  There was an orchestrator, a creator of all that is.  The knowledge was intuitive, from the creation itself.

This glimpse of God, or at least the necessity of God, started me on a journey which I am still on today.  The most important highlight along the way was encountering the risen and living Jesus Christ.

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