Forty Year Legacy of Daily Devotion

Here are some of the Spiritual habits I have added over the years that have proved to be a great benefit for me.

When I was  a young Christian, still in high school, I invested in reading the Bible for fifteen minutes a day.  This was the start of the a life long habit of Bible reading.  Every year I have the satisfaction of completing another pass.

In college, I added the habit of scripture memory.  First, I spent daily time memorizing new scripture verses.  Eventually this transformed to keeping in review verses already memorized.

I have used “fifteen minutes a day” mentality to add other devotional habits that also increased my skill set.       During Seminary, to maintain and increase my knowledge of Greek, I added the habit of daily reading the Greek New Testament.   A few years after Seminary, I added the habit of reading in Hebrew.  These habits have added depth and color to my Bible reading as well as strengthened my knowledge of Biblical languages.

I have tried various ways to sustain a daily prayer time.  I have at various times tried prayer journeying, writing down prayer requests on cards and praying through them and taking prayer walks.  The last few years, I make it a habit to pray daily, usually during a half an hour morning walk.  Starting while we were dating and continuing into our married life, my wife and I pray together most nights.  Just recently I skip two meals a weeks as a incipient effort at regular fasting.

While habits are not in themselves a devotional life, they provide times where devotion and connection with the Lord can take place.   Starting from small beginnings, and over 40 years, my devotional habits have expanded from a short daily Bible reading to something that requires and significant investment of time each day.  It has been well worth the investment.

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