What is a Daily Devotion: Heart to Heart Conversation with God

A daily devotion is heart to heart to heart conversation with God.  We find out what is on God’s heart as well as express to Him what is on our heart.

In this type of relationship encounter, communication flows two ways.  It flows from God to us.  God communicates to us through His Word, the Bible and through the Holy Spirit.

The Bible is a written document where God communicates historical, proscriptive and predictive information about Himself.  He reveals what has happened in the past and what it means.  He discloses what He values and what He requires. He also indicates what we can expect to happen in the future.

Understanding the Bible requires correct translation, interpretation and application.

Another way God communicates is through the Holy Spirit.  In rare occasions someone may hear an audible voice from the Holy Spirit.  More often we recognize communication from the Holy Spirit by affirmation of things thought, heard, saw or felt. This affirmation may come by way of a spiritual sense of correctness or agreement often felt within the region of our heart.    Some have called this the still small voice of God.  It is the confirmation of God that certain things are true and in line with the character of God.

We communicate with God through prayer.  Prayer means talking to God.  We can talk to God out loud, verbally, as we would talk to any other person.  We can also talk to God in our thoughts.  We can also talk to God in our spirit, often felt in the same region of the heart that senses communication from God.

When we speak from our hearts to God and hear His heart from the Words of the Bible and through the Holy Spirit, we are having a heart to heart conversation with God

Whenever such two-way conversation occurs, you are having a devotional with God.



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